Guided Tours in Finnish Lapland

A hidden gem, inside the Arctic Circle.

Discover Lapland has been working closely with Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park for years.

Our operations are strongly based on sustainability and compliance with national park rules and regulations.

We want to give the participant a solid base for exploring nature and national parks.

Discover Lapland was the first in the world to gain the Green Activities –environmental certificate.

Our mission and our goal is a long-term commitment to sustainability, assessing and developing the environmental responsibility of our own operations, engaging and empowering our customers as well as raising their awareness.


Hiking is a great way to discover the nature of Lapland and its diversity.

Your body and mind comes alive and all your senses are sharpened.

We’ll take you to the hidden gems - show you the secrets of Lapland.

Breathe the world’s cleanest air.



A mountain bike trip in the beautiful scenery of Lapland always offers something surprising and memorable.

On a bike the landscapes changes rapidly between rugged fell landscapes, dense forests and swamp areas.



Snowshoeing is a brilliantly a simple way to discover the Lapland winter wonderland, whatever level of challenge you’re after.

With our wilderness guides on hand to help, you can master snowshoeing in minutes.

Then the opportunity for winter exploration is endless.



Levi & Pallas-Ylläs National Park

Fell Lapland Area

Fell Lapland is an area in West Lapland. Here you breathe the world's cleanest air in the beautiful rugged fell scenery and among the taiga forests.

National Park area

Pallas-Ylläs National Park is Finland's third largest national park and it is the oldest and most popular of Finland's national parks.

The Pallas-Ylläs National Park is located in western Lapland in the municipalities of Enontekiö, Kittilä, Kolari and Muonio.

The National Park offers great trails for short day trips to many days of excursions. The National Park also has opened paths for mountain bikers, over 1,000 km.

The National Park area is easy too reach from Levi, from which our trips start.

Levi area

Levi is a round-the-year activity resort and the biggest ski resort in Finland.

This unique Lappish ski resort in the Arctic is enticing holidaymakers with its nature, peacefulness, wide selection of activities, as well as the variety of services on offer in addition to great accommodation – and of course the fact that Lapland is easy to reach.

Levi is located in the Kittilä municipalities, Sirkka village. The nearest airport is just a 15 minute drive from the village center.

You can reach Levi by train from Kolari and Rovaniemi. The distance from Kolari to Levi is 80 km and Rovaniemi about 170 km. Both have bus services to Levi.

You can book your accommodation via phone (+358) 16 639 3300, by e-mail, or from

About us

Discover Lapland is a Finnish company based in Levi, Finland. We provide guided tours through out the year in the beautiful and unique Finnish Lapland.

Nature has a positive impact on health and well-being and there is no better place to experience mother natures power than inside the Arctic Circle.

Our operations are strongly based on sustainability and we been working closely with Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park for years.

Discover Lapland was the first company in the world to gain the Green Activities –environmental certificate.

Our guides

Anette Latva-Piikkilä

The founder of Discover Lapland is Anette Latva-Piikkilä. She moved to Lapland in 2016 were the beautiful surroundings offers everything that she loves to do during the amazing 8 seasons.

During the winter Anette loves to snowboard, which has been her passion since she was a teenager. The Levi Ski Resort offer great lift skiing and the surrounding fells unique free skiing possibilities. Snowless time is great for mountainbiking and hiking. Anette has been racing in the Finnish MTB Enduro Series but now she just enjoys the trails with her friends and on the Discover Lapland MTB camps with the customers.

Anette has a degree as a nature experience guide (luontoelämysopas), which she completed at Santa Sport School in Rovaniemi. As an entrepreneur she has been since 2008 and working most of her career on communications and marketing.

Johanna Mikkola

Johanna has grown up surrounded by the forests of Southern Finland and she has always seen the nature not just as a playground, but as a source of constant wonder.

That experience brought her into the field of guiding.

In the summer of 2014 she graduated as an Arctic Nature Guide from the studies on Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Svalbard, however, despite of its beauty and charm felt too barren and too close to the edge of the world, which led her to Lapland.

She has always loved the northern parts of Finland and this is where she finally feels like home.

Johanna and her two arctic dogs are happy to share you the stories of these areas and lead you into the amazing nature we live among.

Certified Arctic Wilderness Guide, certified wilderness cook, first aid skills levels 1 & 2.

Anna-Leena Nordberg

Anna-Leena is a wilderness guide and a theatre instructor living in Levi.

Her roots are deep inside the arctic soil. She returned to Lapland after studies in 2009 and feels that the land of eight seasons is where she belongs.

All-year-round Anna-Leena spends as much time as possible outdoors. She is passionate about picking local wild berries, mushrooms and herbs and using these for cooking.

She loves also photographing - even when temperatures sink down to -40 degrees!

Anna-Leena works also as a teamwork and interaction coach.

Certified Arctic Wilderness Guide, certified wilderness cook, first aid skills levels 1 & 2 (Certified by the Finnish Red Cross).